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True (…sort of)~Katherine Hannigan

True (…sort of) by Katherine Hannigan Delly is a tiny, tornado of trouble, but inside, she is also generous, loyal, and true. Ferris never speaks, and is panicked by touch or by noise. When Delly slows down enough to reach out to Ferris, both girls are transformed by their friendship. Hannigan, author of the beloved [...]

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Deep Down Popular

Deep Down Popular by Phoebe Stone Jessie Lou Ferguson has loved Conrad since the second grade. Back then she loved him so much she would hide in the bushes on the playground and jump out to give him a big kiss when he walked by! She may have outgrown that sort of behavior but Jessie [...]

Positively Pooh

Positively Pooh:Timeless Wisdom from Poohby A. A. MilneIllustrated by Ernest H. Shepard An endearing book filled with classic Pooh wisdom of how best to live a happy life. Four sweet chapters: “For your inner bear”, “For those bothersome days”, “For when you’re in a tight place”, and “For those hummy sort of days” give lessons [...]