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Welcome to the Dragonwings Bookstore Blog!

Our favorite books (new and old), fun new products, upcoming store events, Waupaca activities, author visits, Waupaca school district events and more. Comments, share, and visit often!

“The Invention of Hugo Cabret” by: Brian Selznick

I loaned my “Lost and Found’ by Shaun Tan to a friend.  Upon returning it to me, she handed me “The Invention Of Hugo Cabret” and said “I think you will really like this book”. She was right.  I was immediately fascinated by the way the illustrations flowed when you paged through the book as if watching [...]

Branch Weavings

We made whimsical branch weavings during this week’s grandparent-grandchild workshop. Don’t miss our last grandparent-grandchild workshop of the summer on August 12th from 9-10AM. Give us a call or stop by to register for next week’s activity!Click Here For Pictures Of Our Branch Weavings! 

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Fairy Houses

Last Thursday for our weekly Grandparent-Grandchild activity, we made fairy houses.  Our designers used all natural materials including sticks, leaves, flowers and trees to build their beautiful new fairy homes.  Check out the pictures of the finished houses on our Facebook page.  Don’t miss our last two Grandparent-Grandchild activity days, coming up Thursday, August 5th [...]

Free Fun for No TV Week

Yikes! No TV for a WEEK? Don’t worry – Dragonwings, your public library, and even your teachers are making plans to help you get through this endless week. What will you do without TV? Well, you could spend your extra free time getting ahead on your homework and chores, or you could come to Dragonwings [...]

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