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No TV Week Photos

Over 50 people showed up to try our Jokes, Pranks, and Magic Tricks for Tuesday’s No TV Week after school program. Thanks to the hundreds of inspiring activities in the Encyclopedia of Immaturity, we had a great time setting up funny experiments for everyone to try. Above a young student is attempting pencil athletic feats with her eyes closed.
In these photos a mother and daughter have success with the fake sneeze, while the big brother gets ready to shoot a two foot string out of a squirt bottle.
Another fake sneeze in progress. Ask us how to do this fake-out that gets everyone laughing.
More fun with the squeeze bottle and string – simple, but very effective.
“How to break your neck” was a big hit, and kids loved doing it again and again. All that you need for this gag is an empty water bottle.
On Earth Day kids started a Giant’s Garden by planting seeds for two-foot long beans and yard-long cucumbers. Nearly twenty people stopped in to try their hand at gardening.
Ideas for this workshop came from Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots by Sharon Lovejoy. Mammoth Sunflowers, purple beans that turn green when cooked, colorful Easter Egg radishes and tiny jelly bean tomatoes will also be growing in these unusual gardens this summer. If you have questions about the seeds that you planted for your Giant’s Garden, let me know. I also have extra seeds, if you need replacements.

If you are looking for some easy garden ideas that are truly fun for kids, stop in and ask me (Ellen) anytime. My son and I have grown name gardens, sunflower houses, rainbow gardens, mazes, butterfly gardens and many more.

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