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Free Fun for No TV Week

Yikes! No TV for a WEEK? Don’t worry – Dragonwings, your public library, and even your teachers are making plans to help you get through this endless week. What will you do without TV? Well, you could spend your extra free time getting ahead on your homework and chores, or you could come to Dragonwings Bookstore on Tuesday and Wednesday for a little fun.

Tuesday April 21 – after school: Jokes, Pranks and Magic Tricks

Here’s your chance to learn new ways to amaze and annoy your family and friends. We will crack some jokes and listen to your favorites. We will consult this famous encyclopedia for step-by-step instructions for ingenious, goofy pranks. And we will expose the trickery behind a few magic tricks. If you’re interested, call 256-9186 to register.

Wednesday April 22 – after school
Magic Beans for Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day in a BIG way by growing a Giant’s Garden. We have the magic beans, more mammoth seeds and all of the supplies that you need. Once the leaves have sprouted, you can transplant your baby giants into the ground, or a pot, an old boot or pail. Find out what the top twenty plants are for kids, how to hear tomatoes gurgle, and lots more. If you are interested, call 256-9186 to register.

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