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I Spy Treasure Hunt at Dragonwings

I Spy Treasure Hunt
Saturday May 24
Free Event – Open all day

On Saturday May 24 Dragonwings Bookstore will host an I Spy Treasure Hunt. Look for I Spy games throughout the store, some of the games will be easy to find, like the big I Spy posters, others will be more hidden. Part of the fun will be finding each game.

The I Spy games are inspired by the series of books by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick, who create detailed dioramas and clever poems that list items to search and find. The I Spy books are family favorites, and have become so popular that there are now spin-off series such as Can You See What I See? by Walter Wick, I Spy easy readers, and rebus-style I Spy board books.

My personal favorite is Made You Look, the Klutz compendium of puzzlers. It has every kind of search-and-find game that I’ve ever seen including a haunted house of glowing ghosts, a circular scramble that you look at through a mirrored tube, a completely dark page that you illuminate with a punch-out flashlight, and many more that I’ve never seen before. It’s an incredible collection.

The I Spy dioramas at Dragonwings Bookstore will be life-sized and integrated into the store’s displays. Here’s a hint: you might want to take a second look at our front window and at our woodland fairy garden.

The I Spy Treasure Hunt is a free event and will be available to play all day. Prizes of discount coupons will be awarded for completing the games and finding “gold” coins hidden in the store. We will be giving out prizes only on Saturday, but we will leave many of the games set up for the next couple of weeks. So, if your grandchildren or cousins will be visiting, you can bring them in to play.


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