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Gifts for Teachers

Late-breaking News:
99 Out of 100 Teachers Prefer Books over Apples for Gifts

Is there a bookcase in your child’s classroom filled with the tattered pages and worn covers of beloved books? If so, it’s because every year the teacher has chosen to spend part of their modest salary to fill these shelves. There isn’t any extra money in the school budget for classroom libraries, but teachers know they are important to their students.

Having books in classrooms shows that the teacher, and the school, believe in the importance of reading and the value of accessible books. Books that are always within reach, not just kept in a special room, for a particular class, or requiring a specific pass.

Classroom books are used for Drop Everything And Read time, when a student has forgotten their book or doesn’t have one that interests them. They are used for rewards, for calming a class or an overactive student, for quick reference about special topics, or research on a favorite author. They are always available, not endlessly checked out or reserved by other students or teachers.

So yes, having a classroom library is important, and you can bet that teachers truly appreciate contributions of wonderful new books for their students.

An easy way to give teachers the books they really want, is to give them a Gift Card from Dragonwings Bookstore. We’re close and convenient for you and for them. They can e-mail us with requests, ask for recommendations, or come and spend a quiet hour relaxing and browsing through our collection.

If you would rather choose a gift with your child, we have a wonderful selection of history, science, phonics, math and reference books to choose from. We also have magnetic calendars, a teacher’s classroom stamp set, a beautiful wooden abacus, and lots of educational games. We will be glad to help you find the perfect gift.

Still reluctant to give up on apples? Teachers love the Apples to Apples games. We carry all three, and we have the materials for printing their own additional cards which can complement their curriculum.


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