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SET Game Challenge 1

SET is one of our favorite games at Dragonwings. I have a little demo deck that I use to show people how to play. In the summers my young friend Erin and I play a game or two nearly every time she stops in. Don’t worry, she lives in St. Louis, so I’m not spending all of my time playing games at work.

If you have never played, here are the basic rules. SET can be played by any number of people or by yourself. Shuffle the deck until someone insists that you stop, then place twelve cards face up in the middle of the table. Everyone plays at once trying to find sets of three cards. When they find one they call out SET and then point to the three cards they think will make a set. If everyone agrees, then that player picks up the cards and keeps them, and the dealer fills in the blank spaces. What makes a set? Each card has four features: color, shape, number, and shading. In a set, each of the four features must be either the same or different on each of the three cards. For instance, the color must be red on all three cards, or red, green and purple – one color on each card. The same with each of the other features.

Look at the SET above. I found six different sets in those twelve cards. Can you? I will list the answers in a later post, and give you a new timed challenge.

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