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Stranded by J. T. Dutton Kelly Louise’s mom is sweeping them off to Heaven. No, not that Heaven, but Heaven, Iowa, where Kelly’s grandma, Nana, and her weirdo cousin, Natalie, live. Kelly’s mom has whisked them off from time to time before, so that’s nothing new, but Kelly wonders what the reason is this time. [...]

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Fever Crumb

Fever Crumbby Philip Reeve Fever is no ordinary girl; she never has been. As a baby, she was found by Dr. Crumb, a man of rational thought and reason, as are all members of the Order of the Engineers. The only thing Dr. Crumb knows for certain about Fever is her name from the note [...]

Big Nate (for Wimpy Kid fans)

Big Nate: In a Class by Himself By Lincoln Peirce Let’s face it, middle school can be rough at times, just ask Big Nate. You could get yelled at by a teacher for no reason, roughed up by the bully, or get nailed with a test. (Wait: Do we have a test today?!) But Nate’s [...]

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