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Hooray For Amanda & Her Alligator

words and pictures by Mo Willems There are surprises all through this book.  Especially in the end for Amanda’s stuffed Alligator!! ~Amy

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Knuffle Bunny Free

Knuffle Bunny Free Written and illustrated by Mo Willems Who expected Trixie and Knuffle Bunny to have a coming-of-age story? Mo Willems completes the Knuffle Bunny trilogy with a round trip vacation to Holland, a generous gift, and a sneak peek into Trixie’s future.  Will Knuffle Bunny and Trixie live happily ever after?  Ages 3-6

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More Favorite Books for Spring ’08

I’m Bad by Kate and Jim McMullan $16.99 HarperCollins Ages 2-5 This T-Rex is really bad, really big and really hungry, but although he’s huge, fast and sneaky, he just can’t catch anything for dinner. He finally throws a spectacular tantrum in an explosion of color, which brings some surprising help his way. Iridescent illustrations [...]