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Our favorite books (new and old), fun new products, upcoming store events, Waupaca activities, author visits, Waupaca school district events and more. Comments, share, and visit often!

Getting Ready for Summer – Golf

The Miniature Book of Miniature Golf by Mike Vago This book is more about playing than reading. After all, how many books come with a putter and two tiny golf balls? Vago’s creation presents a nine hole course complete with landscaping and water hazards. Prefect for a distraction at the office or as entertainment on [...]

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Star Wars – A Scanimation Book

Star Wars: A Scanimation Book by Rufus Butler Seder “Destroy the Sith we must” reads the Yoda quote while the image of Yoda appears to move across the opposite page, wielding his green lightsaber. Using an optical illusion technology that he invented, Rufus Butler Seder (the creator of Gallop! and Waddle!) presents readers with 11 [...]

I Knew You Could – a great gift for graduates

I Knew You Could! by Craig Dorfman In the style of the traditional “I think I can” train, Dorfman writes a new story about a train setting out on life’s journey. This book gives advice perfect to new graduates or anyone setting out on a new adventure of life. Advice includes sticking to the track [...]

Positively Pooh

Positively Pooh:Timeless Wisdom from Poohby A. A. MilneIllustrated by Ernest H. Shepard An endearing book filled with classic Pooh wisdom of how best to live a happy life. Four sweet chapters: “For your inner bear”, “For those bothersome days”, “For when you’re in a tight place”, and “For those hummy sort of days” give lessons [...]

More great Easter ideas – books!

Here are some of the great Easter books available at Dragonwings: This gift set includes four of Beatrix Potter’s classic little books: The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck, The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher,The Tale of Tom Kitten, and The Tale of Peter Rabbit. This not classic (but very funny) Easter tale finds T. Rex filling [...]

Egg-cellent Easter Basket Treats

Dragonwings offers many great Easter gift ideas that go beyond (and last longer) than the candy! Let us show you some of the Easter Bunny’s favorites:  Wind-up Chicks and Bunnies Magic Cards! Pull Cars   Art Supplies Wind-up Caterpillars and Dinos  Super cute Finger Puppets  Bamboo Racing Cars  Friendly Duckies Wooly Worms The Atom Ball [...]

Great 3-D bookmarks!

Dragonwings recently restocked on the great 3-D bookmarks and they look incredible. There are bookmarks featuring tigers, sharks, planets, fish, and more, including hot air balloons. They have been very popular and customers have been impressed with illusion of depth created in the pictures. It does feel like you could reach out and really pet [...]

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Enjoy Board Books!

So sometimes the youngest ones can be the hardest to find gifts for, but don’t worry, Dragonwings has you covered. Board books are not your typical picture books, but rather have thicker, more durable pages. They are able to stand up to more “love” from our little “readers”. They are like picture books, though, in [...]


Kids know that every spring the Easter Bunny shops at Dragonwings. That’s because we have lots of basket-size treats that are more fun than a mound of candy. Pictured below are a few of this year’s treats. Mix in some of our ladybug or sunflower German chocolates and your baskets will be ready to go.

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Gifts for Teachers

Late-breaking News:99 Out of 100 Teachers Prefer Books over Apples for Gifts Is there a bookcase in your child’s classroom filled with the tattered pages and worn covers of beloved books? If so, it’s because every year the teacher has chosen to spend part of their modest salary to fill these shelves. There isn’t any [...]