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Our favorite books (new and old), fun new products, upcoming store events, Waupaca activities, author visits, Waupaca school district events and more. Comments, share, and visit often!

Easter Treats

For parents who are looking for something other than candy to put in your kids’ Easter Baskets, Dragonwings has lots of great Easter treats!

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Roll the dice, be the first to spot a matching picture on an orange and white dice, then keep all the dice with that picture. If there isn’t a match, be the first to shout “Nada!” and you get to keep all the dice. A simple, fun game, similar to Spot It.

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These adorable wooden penguins are sitting on colorful eggs. Roll the dice and use your memory to find the matching color eggs. If you want to try it out, come into Dragonwings and play our extra large sample version of the game. For ages 4+

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Ecuador pants

Colorful Clothing from Ecuador

Jackets and Pants for Little Kids ~ We visited Jackson and Caye in Ecuador in March and brought back these super cute, colorful, cotton pants and jackets. We have sizes for newborns through toddlers. We have given them as baby gifts in the past, and the moms gave us great feedback like: “My boys lived [...]

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e-books and e-readers at Dragonwings!

We now have Kobo e-readers for sale (special price below) at Dragonwings Bookstore and you can purchase e-books right here on our website. Shortly, we will be linking our reviewed books on this site to their e-book counterparts, too. Kobo offers lots of great deals and discounts. They have the largest e-book selection in the world (bigger [...]

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Painted Egg Tops

Tiny Treats for Easter Eggs and Baskets

Our early, warm spring has melted the snow away, and is turning brown lawns into green grass ringed with borders of crocus and daffodils.  Children will be outside for this year’s Easter egg hunts, finding eggs under leafy bushes or hidden among the clover and violets. Dragonwings is decorated for the season with egg trees, [...]

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Danger at the Zoo

Autographed Books from American Girl Make Great Christmas Gifts!

Dragonwings has a few signed copies of  the five mysteries by American Girl author Kathleen Ernst. They come with bookmarks from the author and would definitely make your American girl very happy this holiday. Clues in the Shadows Molly Molly is trying to help the war effort, but she has a lot to worry about [...]

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16th ANNIVERSARY – 16 DAYS – 16% OFF STOREWIDE – ADDITIONAL 16% OFF SALE ITEMS For us this is a unusual kind of sale.  Usually we might have a seasonal sale table or few shelves of this and that on sale, but it’s our anniversary, so why not live it up?   We combed through our [...]

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Stuffed Bunnies, Baskets, Books and more…

EZ Squeezee Bubble Fun, Hatchin Grow Dino Eggs, Sun Catcher Mobile’s to paint and create, Wind-ups that are too cute, Finger Puppets and of course plenty of books to choose from….Spring is almost here! *click on a picture to view a larger version or “view as slideshow” to see slideshow on same page* [nggallery id=4]

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