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World Records Quiz Game

Challenge yourself with this week’s summer game at Dragonwings Bookstore – the World Records Quiz Game. This is a stop-in-and-play-anytime all week game. Pick up a game card at the front desk, search for the quiz questions, guess the answers, and report back for prizes. The quiz questions come from one of our favorite books: Book of World Records Ultimate Quiz Challenge. Believe me, the answers will often surprise you.

Try these out, and then come in for more. If you can’t wait, write your answers in comments and we’ll let you know if your guesses are correct.

What country has the most forest area?
a. Canada
b. Russia
c. Brazil

What is the fastest growing hair on the body?
a. Eyelashes
b. Beard
c. leg hair

Who is the first character to speak in Star Wars?
a. Han Solo
b. R2D2
c. C-3PO

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