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New Books at Dragonwings

Bearwalker by Joseph Bruchac (HarperCollins $15.99)

Twelve-year-old Baron figures that the class camping trip will just provide the bullies in his class with more opportunities to push him around, but the camp has new owners and a scary staff. Soon people are missing, a landslide blocks the road, the phone lines are cut, and it’s getting dark. How can Baron get to the rock ledge where his cell phone will work, when he is being chased by bears and tracked by a bloodthirsty monster? The suspense will keep you awake until you finish the story, guaranteed.

Wilderness by Roddy Doyle (Scholastic $16.99)

Johnny and Tom, two ordinary, bickering brothers don’t notice that their family is at a crossroads. They are thrilled to be going to northern Finland for an adventure vacation with their mom. Back in Ireland their teen-age step-sister is about to meet her birth mother, hoping to leave Ireland and her tiresome family behind. Then one evening, after they have been out all day on dogsleds, the boys’ mother doesn’t return to the lodge. It’s up to the boys to rescue their family.

Paint the Wind by Pam Munoz Ryan (Scholastic $16.99)

After living a joyless and restricted life with her grandmother, Maya was afraid of the changes that moving to Wyoming would bring. She had never met these relatives, her grandpa known as Moose, his brother Fig, his sister Vi, and Payton, her cousin, who chooses to torment her. When Aunt Vi teaches her to ride and they spend the summer camped in teepees near the wild mustang herds, Maya falls in love with horses, begins to feel confident, and becomes part of the family. Meet a warm and wise family and the horses that they love.


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