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Chocolate and Pastries in Paris
I have to admit that I have wandered the streets of Paris hungry and freezing in the wind and rain more than once, but that was before I discovered The Great Book of Chocolate by David Lebovitz. Talk about transformations! My last two trips to Paris were fabulous explorations of chocolate shops, patisseries and tea salons, using his Paris chapter as a guidebook. The places he recommends aren’t always easy to find, but it was fun walking through neighborhoods beyond the museum circuit searching for a certain tiny shop that makes exquisite chocolates or divine ice cream. Like Goldilocks and the three Bears, we taste-tested thick, rich hot chocolates, delicate macarons, crisp pain au chocolat, and lemon tarts that made me want to sing a song of gratitude to lemon trees everywhere. If you are planning a trip to Paris, stop in and pick up a copy of The Great Book of Chocolate at Dragonwings, and I’ll be happy to share some tips on how to find the shops, where we had a perfect Sunday brunch, and where I found unusual, hand-made florentines – chewy and luscious.


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