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Book Review – “Dark Life”

On a recommendation from a friend, I took Dark Life by Kat Falls home to read.  I was pleased that Sunday proved to be rainy and dreary.  Indeed, a perfect day for a good read, and I thought Dark Life was better than a “good read”.  Ty is a young boy who lives with his family in the ocean.  That’s right~UNDER water!  The images in my head of how they lived underwater were so colorful and vivid.  Ty, by chance, meets a young girl named Gemma, who is looking for her brother, whom she hasn’t seen in three years.  She has never been to the world that is under the sea, but she learns fast with the help of Ty.  I have to admit that at the very end of the book, I was so tense, that I realized I was holding my breath.  ~Amy

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