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Try this game challenge.

Here is a set-up of Labyrinth, one of my favorite games. See if you can create a path for each marker to its chosen “treasure”. This isn’t an interactive gameboard, so you will have to visualize your moves. This is good practice for the game, because you have to visualize all of your possibilities before you move the tiles. As in most games, once you make a move you can’t take it back!

How the game works: the rows of tiles that can be shifted are marked by arrows along the edge of the game board. You shift a row by pushing it with the extra tile from one end until a tile slides off of the other end of the row. You can use the extra tile vertically or horizontally.

To get you started, here is how the red marker can get to the mouse in one move:
Find the second row up from the bottom right-hand corner, using the extra tile in a vertical position, imagine shifting the row from right to left until your tile is all of the way in, and the end tile on the left is pushed off the board. Now trace your path to the mouse.

Once you find the mouse, try each of the other markers. There is a treasure card next to each one. Using the original set-up and the original extra tile, try to make a path from each marker to its treasure in one move. I will post the answers above. Good luck!

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  1. HippyKrit says:

    An absolutely excellent game that grew with me throughout my young life. Highly suggested as a game that the whole family can really enjoy.

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