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The Secret Message

The Secret Message

By Mina Javaherbin based on a poem by Rumi

Illustrated by Bruce Whatley

A rich Persian merchant keeps a parrot in a large, golden cage in his shop.  The talented and colorful parrot attracts more customers every day.  Soon the merchant needs to travel to India to buy more goods for his shop. He promises to bring back silks, spices and jewels for his family, and to tell the parrot’s friends about his fine, golden cage.  However, when he delivers the parrot’s message, the birds all fall out of the trees and lie dead on the ground.  The merchant is shocked, and upon returning home tells the parrot his sad story, only to be shocked again.  Young readers will cheer as they realize what has happened in this very old tale of fools, greed and secret messages.  Ages 4-7


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