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100 Most Dangerous/Disgusting Things on the Planet

One of our bestselling science books over the past year has been 100 Most Dangerous Things on the Planet by Anna Claybourne (Scholastic $7.99).  Do you know what to do if you are sinking in quicksand, lost in a cave, or attacked by a lion?  This is a survival guidebook that could save you from over 100 possible disasters and dangers.  Loaded with scary photos, risk ratings, and practical tips, this book could save your life!

Only one book could compete with dangerous things for popularity and that would be 100 Most Disgusting Things on the Planet, also by Anna Claybourne (I wonder about her).  Giving a yuck rating to everything from rotten eggs, sweaty feet, and roasted spiders to maggot cheese and pond slime, this guidebook is ready to prepare you for the truly gross things in the world or in your fridge!  (Scholastic $7.99)

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