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Dragonwings Bookstore Fun for Kids Waupaca, WI The Lonely Hearts Club

The Lonely Hearts Club

by Elizabeth Eulberg
“Yesterday, love was such and easy game to play…” but now Penny Lane Bloom knows better. As Penny puts it, guys are “lying, cheating scum of the earth.” Rather than looking for romance, she swearing it off, for good (or at least for the next ten years or so.) She creates the Lonely Hearts Club (initial membership: one) as her defense against junior year heart ache. As word on about the Club spreads, Penny is surprised just how many girls are there to join her. Each girl is looking for their own individuality without the boys Their social club gains power and popularity but then Penny is torn: stick to the no-guys vow she made, or give in to the advances of a seemingly nice guy whom she can’t help but like? Penny’s funny easy voice make this a entertaining read.


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