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Dragonwings Bookstore Fun for Kids Waupaca, WI Spells

By Aprilynne Pike
Laurel has been summoned to the Academy of Avalon, a place that had once been her home but which she no longer remembers. She’s been happy to live with her human parents, but after the last troll attacks and the looming threat of more, the time has come to learn more about who and what she is: a faerie. In fact, Laurel is one of the rarer Fall faeries, not as rare as the Winter ones, but important nonetheless, and she must learn all she can to save her family, her friends, and all of Avalon. Throughout the story Laurel is faced with tough choices about being true to who she is, what she values, and whom she loves. Although Spells is the sequel to the Pike’s New York Times bestselling novel Wings, it can be enjoyed as a story on its own.


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