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Poem in your Pocket Week

Come and celebrate National Poetry Month with

Poem in your Pocket Week — April 23-April 30.

Share your favorite poem and pick one from our PoeTree.

The last week of April, Dragonwings will be having an in-store discount for anyone that brings a poem  in your pocket.  Read one of your favorite poems to a Dragonwings staff member, add it to one of our PoeTree’s and choose a random poem off of our other PoeTree to receive anywhere from a 5-25% discount on any single item in the store.

What a fun way to share your favorite poem and read someone else’s favorite.  Children of all ages love to rhyme and tell stories, why not get them into poetry?

If I Don’t Eat My Vegetables by Jack Prelutsky

If I don’t eat my vegetables,

Like broccoli and peas, 

My mother says I’ll start to grow

Potatoes on my knees.

My toes will turn to cantaloupes,

My ears will fill with salt, 

My nose will fill with pepper,

And it all will be my fault.


If I don’t eat my vegetables,

My mother has no doubt

I’ll lose my belly button, 

And my teeth will soon fall out.

I also have to finish them

To prove I love her cooking.

And so I eat my vegetables–

But only when she’s looking.



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