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Tiny Treats for Easter Eggs and Baskets

Our early, warm spring has melted the snow away, and is turning brown lawns into green grass ringed with borders of crocus and daffodils.  Children will be outside for this year’s Easter egg hunts, finding eggs under leafy bushes or hidden among the clover and violets.

Dragonwings is decorated for the season with egg trees, spring flowers, and colorful displays of tiny treats – just the right size for filling eggs and Easter baskets. Here is a sampling of many of our favorites – some are useful, some are silly, and all are fun.

Painted wooden tops - perfect for baskets and for spinning.

All kinds of sea creatures just the right size for an egg-opening surprise.

These are tiny puzzles, but they are also erasers.

In these kaleidoscopes frog and toad designs make glorious patterns.

Tin yo-yos are a classic reborn.

Who doesn't marvel at a Jacob's Ladder and wonder, "How does it do that?"

Big-bug-eyed balls for throwing and catching. Around 4" diameter.

Talk about classics, tin insect clickers like these have been around forever, and have never lost their appeal.

Baby robins, lop-eared bunnies, fuzzy chicks and bright-eyed squirrels make a basket of cuteness, and they are also finger puppets.

3 foot Measuring Tapes that really work! I've been using mine for years.

Mermaid dollies are a perfect match for the new Fancy Nancy book Mermaid Ballet.

Bobble animal pens are silly, and practical, too.

A Dragonwings favorite returns - rainbow colored mini clay packs.

It's a sock monkey revival, and these pastel colors are perfect for Easter.

Decorate your butterflies with the rub-on tranfers, and add more detail with our mini-markers.

Beautifully detailed frogs, our photo doesn't do them justice.

Large, wooden dice. Fill a few eggs with these, and play some dice games after the egg hunt.

We were amazed at the detail on these little dinosaur erasers. Our mailman wished he'd had some when he was a kid.

Very tricky wooden catch balls. Try to catch the ball on one side, then the other, on the bottom of the handle, and then for your grand finale catch it on the top peg. Practice makes perfect. i've seen it done.

Call to the birds with these songbird whistles, and see if they answer back!

American Girl mini activity packs with games, puzzles, and paper dolls.

Cutest Peace Dog Purse ever!

Recognize this little owl purse? Probably not, since they "fly" out of the store as soon as they arrive.

Our Dover activity book racks are restocked with new and classic titles. Our mini-markers are an "eggcellent" match.

Cha Cha shaker eggs. These are the best we've found. Musicians buy these from us!

Endearing Doggy banks will safeguard your allowance until needed.

Flexible ears change our bunny's expressions from playful to mischievous. Fill the basket with treats or with an egg or two.

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