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Autographed Books from American Girl Make Great Christmas Gifts!

Dragonwings has a few signed copies of  the five mysteries by American Girl author Kathleen Ernst. They come with bookmarks from the author and would definitely make your American girl very happy this holiday.

Clues in the Shadows Molly

Molly is trying to help the war effort, but she has a lot to worry about at home. Being in the war has changed her father, and living during wartime is hard on everyone. Who can help her figure out why someone is sneaking into their shed at night? Will Molly’s own bravery be enough?




Secrets in the Hills – Josefina

Josefina grew up hearing the local legends about buried treasures and ghostly tales about the Weeping Woman, but, after the appearance of a mysterious stranger, the legends seem to be coming true. A treasure hunt and a dark, crying figure roaming the courtyard at night provide lots of excitement for Josefina and her family.




Midnight in Lonesome Hollow – Kit

When Kit visits her relatives in Kentucky, she meets a traveling professor, Miss Lucy, who is studying mountain traditions. Assisting Miss Lucy is interesting and fun at first, until someone begins sabotaging their projects and turning the local people against them. Can Kit find out who’s causing trouble and why?




Runaway Friend – Kirsten

Kirsten is still getting used to life in Minnesota, when her neighbor Erik, another Swedish immigrant, disappears. If he doesn’t come back, he will lose his land, Kirsten’s family will lose his help at harvest time, and her uncle will lose the money that Erik owes him. Kirsten is sure that he hasn’t run away to escape from his problems and promises, but why else would he leave so mysteriously?



Danger at the Zoo – Kit

Kit stumbles upon a mystery when she is working on a newspaper article about the zoo. The door to the monkey house has been unlocked at night, but no animals are missing. Is it thieves trying to steal baby monkeys for the black market, or is it more complicated than the zoo manager could ever imagine? Leave it to Kit to investigate until she finds the answers.

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